At the Intersections: Anti-Capitalism in Divergent Struggles

How is capitalism implicated in producing and reproducing other relations of oppression? How do divergent movements intersect and impact each other? Where do different struggles converge and where do they come into conflict? What possibilities are there for building intersectional, anti-capitalist resistance? This panel brings together organizers who are involved in a diversity of different struggles to discuss how capitalism is connected to the various structures of injustice against which we fight, and to highlight both the tensions and potentialities of movements working together. It will consider the strategic and tactical importance of incorporating anti-capitalism into social and environmental justice work, and specifically consider capitalism in relation to climate change politics and environmental crisis, indigenous sovereignty and anti-colonial struggle, and immigration and state violence.

Jaydene Lavallie is a Two-Spirit/Queer Michif-Cree woman living in Dish with One Spoon Territory (Hamilton, ON). Her organizing tends toward anti-pipeline resistance, land defense, and support for Indigenous and feminist struggle. She believes direct action to be critical in the realization of her dreams for a better world.

Franklin López is a filmmaker from Puerto Rico. He has produced hundreds of videos and short films under the sub.Media banner, a website he has been curating since 2000. He is most well known for “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” his snarky web news/comedy series followed by thousands. But his work also includes mash-ups, music videos, news reports and documentaries. In 2011 Frank toured around the world with his feature film “END:CIV”, presenting it in over 150 venues in 18 countries. In 2013 he released “Street Politics 101”, a documentary of the street actions that took place during the Quebec student strike of 2012. Most recently Frank and the crew sub.Media have been producing a monthly documentary series called “Trouble.” You may view the first six episodes of “Trouble” free of charge at sub.Media/trouble.

Cedar is an anarchist who lives in Hamilton, Ontario and who was a member of the Knowing the Land is Resistance collective that produced, among other things, the text ‘Towards an Anarchist Ecology’.