What: A quiet, relaxing space where folks can go to sit, lay down, read, talk quietly, get support, cry, and stretch.

It will include: an active listener, pillows and blankets, colouring books! Also soft music, tea and water, dimmed lighting, and resources. If you have other specific needs (or suggestions!), please let us know at organizational@opirgguelph.org.

Why: Because the world is a place filled with trauma, violence, oppressions, triggers, and sadness. This symposium is a space in which we will be diving into a large range of topics such as racism, classism, colonization, patriarchy, sexual violence, ableism etc. It will also be filled with lots of people, thoughts, conversations, and energies. We are all likely to be impacted, in different ways, by some of or all of these things. In the moments when your body, mind or spirit is telling you it needs something… we encourage you to try and listen to it. The collective care space is working to try and support some of the needs we may have over the weekend. There will be an active listener in the collective care room at all times to help folks negotiate the space and provide support.