Interesting in Volunteering with us?

To make this weekend a success, we need your help! In the leadup to the symposium and during the event itself we’re looking for volunteers to fill a variety of different roles.  Below are the areas we’re looking for help with.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please send an email to mandy at Thanks so much!


Before the weekend

Campus Promotions – Hand out promotional materials on campus, table at events, and do short in-class presentations to let students know about the upcoming symposium.

Postering – Put up posters off-campus, using a list of locations we’ll provide for you.


During the weekend, in session rooms

[These shifts last all morning, all afternoon, or ideally all day]

Room Monitor – Arrange and re-arrange session rooms as required, introduce the panel or workshop, keep the room clean, and make sure presenters have everything they need. Take photos if possible. [If you also happen to be good at tech, you can be Tech Wizard at the same time].

Tech Wizard – Troubleshoot and make sure all tech related things are working.

Active Listener – Provide support if needed for people during the event.

Documentation – Audio and video record panel sessions and presentations.


During the weekend, outside of session rooms

[The schedule for these shifts is designed to cause you to miss only one session.]

Setup, and/or Cleanup – Take care of setting up the space (moving tables and chairs, putting up signs etc.), and/or take care of the takedown and cleanup once the symposium is over.

Childcare – Look after children at the event, plan age appropriate activities for them, and help make the symposium as family friendly as we can!

Registration and Info Table – Staff the registration table, keep it stocked, be familiar with all things symposium related and be able to answer questions. Help people with accessibility needs as they arise.

Community Info Fair – Help people from other organizations set up and pack up, and make sure they have everything they need.

OPIRG table – Staff the OPIRG table, answer questions, and sign up folks for our email list. [This position is only for people who are familiar with OPIRG and our current projects].

Floater – Check-in on things at the various tables and presentation rooms, and be available to run errands and help with whatever is needed.

Food room – Help to keep the food room clean, stocked and tidy; help set up or clean up lunch, take lunch tickets.

Photographer – Take photos of all parts of the symposium that we can use on social media and in promotional material for next year.