4 March Schedule for OPIRG Symposium5 March Schedule for OPIRG Symposium 2017

Full Program Text Details:

Both days:

Food Room: MacKinnon (MCKN) 119
Childcare Room: MCKN 119A
Chill Room: MCKN 306
Knowledge Fair: 1st floor lobby, MCKN

Day 1: Saturday, March 4th

9:00-9:45 AM — Registration
1st floor lobby, MacKinnon (MCKN) (outside MCKN 117)

9:45-10:00 AM — Opening Remarks
Room: MCKN 117

10:00-11:15 AM — Keynote Address
Cultivating Resilience: Organizing Resistance in an Era of Populus Fascism
Room: MCKN 117
Akio Maroon

11:15-11:25 AM — Break

11:25 AM-12:55 PM — Sessions
Session A — The Borders Crossed Us: Immigration Detention and Refugee Crisis
Room: MCKN 233
Mina Ramos
Mina Abu Hanna

Session B — On Reproductive Justice: Radical Approaches to Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenthood
Room: MCKN 305
Beth Murch
Tynan Rhea

12:55-2:10 PM — Lunch (provided)

2:10-3:40 PM — Sessions
Session A — From the Field to the Landfill: How Might We Produce, Eat, Share, and Dispose of Our Food?
Room: MCKN 233
Michaela Cruz
Celeste Lopreiato

Session B — Dismantling Disablism: Examining and Eliminating Disablism in Our Lives and Our Organizing
Room: MCKN 305
A workshop with A.J. Withers

3:40-3:50 PM — Break

3:50-5:20 PM — Sessions
Session A: Professions and the Movement
Room: MCKN 233
Sly Sarkisova
John Pateman
Britney de Costa

Session B: TBA Panel with Guelph Anti-Pipeline
Room: MCKN 305

5:20-6:00 PM — Networking & Knowledge Fair

Day 2: Sunday, March 5th

9:00-9:45 AM — Registration
1st floor lobby, MacKinnon (MCKN) (outside MCKN 117)

9:45-10:00 AM — Opening Remarks
Room: MCKN 117

10:00-11:30 AM — Keynote Panel
From Crackdowns to Creativity: Organizing Resistance in 2017
Room: MCKN 117
Adrián Pérez Fernández
Ena͞emaehkiw Kesīqnaeh
Syed Hussan

11:30-11:40 AM — Break

11:40 AM-1:10 PM — Sessions

Session A — Mobilizing Differences: Drifting Away from Trans/national Imperialisms
Room: MCKN 233
Priyanka Patel
Sydney Myles
Dr. OmiSoore Dryden

Session B — Pushing Back Against Austerity: Anti-poverty Research and Action
Room: MCKN 235
AJ Withers
Randalin Ellery

1:10-2:30 PM — Lunch (provided)

2:30-4:00 PM — Sessions

Session A — Demand the University of Guelph to Say No to Nestlé and Bottled Water
Room: MCKN 233
Mike Balkwill
Representatives of Fossil Free Guelph

Session B — Bad Science: A Forum for Medical Justice
Room: MCKN 235
Bahar Orang
Palika Kohli
Alice Cavanagh

4:00-4:10 PM — Break

4:10-5:40 PM — Sessions

Session A — Stories of Hope from Life in Capitalist Ruins
Room: MCKN 233
Danielle Boissoneau
Aric McBay

Session B — Healthcare Access for Migrants in Ontario: The Current State and Necessary Action
Room: MCKN 235
Eduardo Huesca
Dr. Paloma Villegas
Andrea Bobadilla

5:40-6:30 PM — Closing Remarks and Reflections