Rebel Knowledge


Accessibility- General Info

If you have any accessibility needs or questions please contact us.

  • This is a FREE event open to everyone and will be hosted virtually.

  • Zoom links will be provided for each individual panel both on our website and FB event page.

  • Each session will be live streamed on FB for those who cannot access the zoom platform.

  • Sessions will be recorded (with the permission of all panelists) and can be sent with transcripts by email, if requested, so that folks with accessibility needs (i.e. hearing impaired) can also access the information.

  • Pronouns: Do not assume someone’s gender or pronoun. Ask for someone’s pronoun or signifier (to help everyone feel more comfortable start by giving yours first! Exp.- ‘My name is Sarah, I use she/her pronouns. What pronouns do you use?’). Please respect people’s identities and expressions.

  • If you have any accessibility concerns/needs, please contact us at so that we can prepare accordingly.

pronoun guide