Building a Movement to Defeat Doug Ford

The Ford Government is unleashing an agenda of intensified austerity, privatization, social backwardness and environmental degradation. The issue is not to simply critique this agenda but to stop it. We must draw lessons from union and social movement struggles past and present, here in Ontario and beyond, and resolve to decisively challenge Ford and all he stands for. A united struggle that can inflict a level of economic disruption and political crisis on the Tories is required and we must lay the foundations for it now.

We are excited to announce that John Clarke is the keynote speaker at THE FIGHT AGAINST FORD: Resisting the Tory Attack!

John Clarke became active in anti-poverty struggles when he helped to found the Union of Unemployed Workers in London, Ontario in 1983. In 1990, he moved to Toronto to become an organizer with the newly formed Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). He has been with OCAP ever since.