Call Out for Distros, Zinesters, and Artists!

Call Out for Distros, Zinesters, and Artists!

Saturday, 4 March 2017 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday, 5 March 2017 9 AM – 4 PM

1st Floor MacKinnon Building, University of Guelph

For the third year in a row, the OPIRG Guelph Social and Environmental Justice Symposium will be joined by our Rebel Knowledge Bookfair!

What is the Social and Environmental Justice Symposium?

OPIRG-Guelph’s Social and Environmental Justice Symposium is a convergence of academic and community research, activism, and art focused on social and environmental justice issues. By creating a space for the exchange of knowledge to take place, we are aiming to make research more accessible to all, and to foster deeper working relationships between academics and community activists.

What Is the Rebel Knowledge Fair?

As part of our Symposium’s mandate to make research more accessible to all, the event will coincide with the Rebel Knowledge Bookfair. The Bookfair aims to showcase the many ways that research, knowledge (practical and/or theoretical), action, and creativity complement each other in the fight for social and environmental justice. It brings together creatives who make and distribute social and environmental justice-related art, zines, literature/books, apparel, and the like. Sharing our various knowledges strengthens and mobilizes our communities, and motivates our organizing.

Want to Take Part?

Booths and tables for our vendors are free! Food will be available to all participating in the Symposium and Bookfair. The space is wheelchair and scooter accessible. If you have any specific needs in order to feel comfortable hosting a table or to access our space, please let us know.

If interested, e-mail us at:

Send us a quick message that includes:

  • What group or distro you represent (if any)
  • How many tables, chairs, or other accomodations you will need
  • What you will be showcasing at your booth
  • Any accessibility needs you’d like us to address

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